Application procedure

  1. Choose a Summer School you want to apply for (you can apply only for ONE school)
  2. Download and fill out Application form 2017.
  3. Attach a copy of your international passport and academic CV to the application.
  4. Send documents via e-mail or fax to +7 8422 778-192.
  5. Afterwards you get a confirmation from coordinators via e-mail or telephone.
    In case you didn’t get any response in a week - let us know.
  6. After the deadline (June 1, 2017) you will be informed if the group was formed.
    For German Students: you must apply to DAAD for a scholarship directly, before the deadline!
  7. We sign an agreement. And during two weeks after the agreement is signed you
    should transfer participation fee (or a part of i if agreed).
  8. After your payment is confirmed we send you an invitation letter for your visa application.
  9. When you purchase your tickets let us know about you route – airways, flight number, time
    of arrival or railway station, train number, time of arrival. That will help us to organize your
  10. If any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
    And keep in touch!