Ulyanovsk State Technical University


The story of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University rises from the year 1957 when on September 18th the Polytechnical institute has been founded. In 1993 it has received its present official name “Ulyanovsk State Technical University”.

Today the UlSTU (or better known as “the Polytech”) is the second largest university of Ulyanovsk region and the second technical, that has been preparing highly skilled specialists in a wide range of majors for almost half a century now.

UlSTU is also the largest scientific, innovative and sport center of the region. 8 educational buildings, 6 hostels, 7 apartment houses, 2 sports halls, the stadium, canteens, sanatorium, summer camp and others - 84 constructions are the Polytech in total. Moreover, with support of German big company producing machines DMG MORI the Center of Industrial Internet was opened.

UlSTU makes everything to provide its students with the advanced and quality education and inturn that makes graduates needed in our city and also abroad. Thanks to that fact the number of foreign students entering the high school, undergoing trainings or courses increases annually.

UlSTU extends international relations by cooperating with universities and research centers from Germany, the USA, Austria, China, Japan, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy. Friendship and joint scientific and research activities with Hochschule Darmstadt for the more than 10 years is the pride of the Polytech. Today 18 000 students (including international) study in UlSTU!