– Tina (Germany), “Earth Through the Cockpit”


«It is hard to pick one best thing in the Summer School because it was filled with very good experiences. I loved that we were allowed to fly on the simulator. Our visit to the Bulgary National Park was also very impressive. It was great how everyone made us feel welcome and spend much of their time with us.»
– Diana (Germany), “Earth Through the Cockpit”

«Okay connection of fun and Russian culture. Russian classes were fun and gave useful basics. Tutors were great, friendly, competent and cooperative. I want to say СПАСИБО to everyone who was responsible for the wonderful time.»
– Jochen (Germany), “Earth Through the Cockpit”

«Die Impressionen könnten nicht besser sein. Alles in allem war ich sehr positiv überrascht. Es werden sicher viele Eindrücke noch lange in meinem Kopf herum schwirren und mich in Erinnerungen schwelgen lassen. Ich kann den Aufenthalt in Russland sowie die Teilnahme an einer Sommerschule in diesem unterbewertetem Land nur empfehlen.»
– Alex (Germany), “Earth Through the Cockpit”


«The most memorable things are robot programming, the Russian language study and visiting the city. The greatest things in the Summer School were sightseeing and activity in the park.»
– Guanwen (China), «Theory and Practice of Programming»

«All Russians are very enthusiastic and friendly.»
– Jun (China), «Theory and Practice of Programming»

«I like the summer school very much. The experience is very value for me. In the summer school everything, every day and everyone were memorable, but the most memorable were our classes. The greatest thing is that now I have a lot of friends in Russia.»
– Ying (China), «Theory and Practice of Programming»

«The greatest thing in the Summer School was that our robot can be controlled by us using gesture. We are the people who program it. We learnt a lot about programming in Java, HTML and Kinect. We can use these technics in the future. Russian language class was very funny, although it is hard to pronounce or to remember the words. But we love it and it’s useful for us.»
– Ningrui (China), «Theory and Practice of Programming»


«I liked the diversity of the programs, the tutors, the camp and Russian classes. The greatest thing was the paleontology camp and the singing and communication in many languages or just without. I expected a bit more intensity about paleontology and more knowledge about this science, but overall my expectations met the reality and more than my expectations.»
– Anna (Germany), «Geology and paleontology of the Volga region»

«I liked Russian language courses, meeting with Russian students and singing with them, I really liked the camp, in my opinion it could be longer (4 days!) and some more information about paleontology would have been great.»
– Anika (Germany), «Geology and paleontology of the Volga region»

«I like all activities, but practice in IT-companies was my favorite. Educational program was very useful and unforgettable.»
– Yongqi (China), «Theory and practice of programming»

«The most memorable thing was the time I spent with our Russian friends, they are really nice people. Russian language class was good but hard for me. I’ve expected to learn more about Russia and Russian IT-companies and programming. The reality met my expectations. I would recommend my friends to participate in the Summer school, it is really great.»
– Hongyi (China), «Theory and practice of programming»

«The worst thing in the summer school was singing students in the morning. And the greatest thing was learning and reading a lot and making new connections to other people. It was a really great experience for the expanding my minds horizon. The tasks at the IT-company were complex and interesting, company member were very nice, my company tutor was not giving me much direction, but it was both good and bad.»
– Johannes (Germany), «Theory and practice of programming»


In 2012 Ulyanovsk State Technical University hosted students on two educational programs of the Summer School.
The program «Geology and Paleontology of the Volga region: On the trails of dinosaurs» helped students learn the basics of geology and the geological composition throughout the region and the world. After-school classes were held in the form of visits to historically and geologically interesting places on the banks of the Volga, where students got the opportunity to apply their knowledge and describe the world of dinosaur periods and relax on the Volga.
The program «Earth through the cockpit» was a combination of informatics and avionics. Students visited the Civil Aviation History Museum, pilot training center, air show and participated in the International Airtransport Forum 2012 where they were awarded with the participation certificates from the head of Ulyanovsk region personally.


«First time when I heard about Summerschool i ask myself how it is possible to combine this two words. Summer and School. What do we associate with summer? Right: Its Joy, Happiness, spending time with friends. And exactly this describes the time in Summerschool 2011 in Ulyanovsk: An intensively trip into another Culture accompanied by friends. Every day was full of new emotions and impressions, every day was unique, and every day we found out something new about ourselves.
As Goethe said: Traveling educates. And this is another kind of school. Its name is life.»
– Valeriy (Germany), «Earth Through the Cockpit»

«Thank you for the great time! I had much fun with you! You’ve really done a very good job. I love Russia! 😉
I can only recommend you to summer school!»
– Mira (Germany), «Earth Through the Cockpit»

«Aus Russland habe ich sehr viele Eindrücke mitgenommen! Es war eine tolle Kombination von der russischen Sprache, dem Studienkurs und einem umfangreichen Kulturprogramm. Und besonders möchte ich die Planung und Organisation loben und mich für die freundliche und fachgerechte Betreuung bedanken.»
– Marius (Germany), «Earth Through the Cockpit»

«Der Kurs “Earth through the Cockpit” war wirklich sehr interessant! Unglaublich gut war die Betreuung. Die zwei einhalb Wochen waren nicht nur lustig und haben tierisch Spaß gemacht, sondern man konnte auch noch viel über Flugzeuge lernen. So eine Chance bekommt man nicht immer und daher kann ich die Sommerschule in Ulyanovsk nur jedem empfehlen! Ich selbst würde sie liebend gerne nocheinmal besuchen.
PS: Auf jeden Fall beim DAAD und dem GoEAST-Programm bewerben, da werden so gut wie alle Kosten für euch bezahlt!»
– Philipp (Germany), «Earth Through the Cockpit»