Wind power and safety

This educational program reveals key issues of alternative energy impact (wind farms) on environmental safety.

This unique course combines a set of lectures, seminars and practical classes, field trips. Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills and assess the possible negative impact on the environment of wind power systems.

The course will include: thematic lectures, practical exercises in the field of environmental impact assessment. Students will learn some methods for assessing the physical parameters of wind power complexes and methods of biological monitoring and control.

          Program content:

  • Prospects for the use of alternative energy, wind power.
  • Issues of secure interaction between the wind power systems and complexes and the environment;
  • Negative factors of the wind power systems and complexes;
  • Environmental monitoring and ecological control;
  • Bioindication as a method of biological control;

Practical classes include:

  • Learning the physical parameters, like noise, radiation, electromagnetic waves and so on.
  • Learning the unique nature of the Ulyanovsk region, assess the ecological state of the natural environment using modern methods.

Program tutor: Oksana Falova, Biol.Ph.D., head of the Department "Industrial ecology and technosphere safety " of UlSTU.

Russian language and culture classes are offered as an extracurricular course. Courses are available both for beginners and advanced (upon prior request) learners. Teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language Department have been running the classes for more than 10 years.

Students receive a certificate of a taken course, indicating the number of academic hours and credit points recommended, as well as study materials of a taken course.

The cultural part of the program combines sports activities, workshops, cultural museums, city tours, bicycle rides, camping, and many other events.

Ulyanovsk is located in Central Russia on two rivers - Volga and Sviyaga. The great river Volga divides Ulyanovsk into two parts – industrial “new town” and historically old part with museums, galleries, theaters and squares. Ulyanovsk is a homeland of many remarkable Russian writers, scientists, artists and politicians. Ulyanovsk is a green cozy city but at the same time it is fast-growing, attractive for foreign industry and tourist-friendly.

Participants of the Summer school are accommodated within walking distance from all educational buildings. The main university campus is located on a picturesque Volga river in the Northern part of the city. The campus is 10 minutes from the center by local transport (trams, minibuses). Nevertheless, students can find everything for a living on campus (food stores, library, gym, canteens, etc…).

During the School student tutors and volunteers support foreign participants and help them with orientation. The university also provides a transfer to/from airport/train station.

Participation fee of 850 Euro covers: tuition, language classes, accommodation, lunch/day, cultural program (including welcome and farewell dinners), migration support, transfer within the city.



August 7-22, 2021


Students of natural science and engineering majors, such as biology, biophysics, ecology, technosphere safety, power engineering, mechanical engineering and other related fields of science

Language of instruction




Participation fee

850 Euro, including: tuition, language classes, accommodation, lunch/day, cultural program (including welcome and farewell dinners), migration support, transfer within the city.

Deadline for applications

May 23, 2021

Documents required

- Application form (download from the homepage);
- Copy of international passport;
- Motivation letter;
- CV.


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