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Ulyanovsk is a city located in the Central Russia on two rivers - Volga and Sviyaga. The great river Volga divides Ulyanovsk into two parts – industrial “new town” and historically old part with museums, galleries, theaters and squares. The city is well-known for being a motherland of the Lenin’s family and aviation center. Ulyanovsk is a homeland of many remarkable Russian writers, scientists, artists and politicians. Ulyanovsk is a green cozy city but at the same time it is fast growing, attractive for foreign industry and tourist-friendly.

Ulyanovsk State Technical University is one of the centres for the Russian language in Ulyanovsk. UlSTU professors share their great experience and knowledge, thus our alumni are valuable and demanded specialists in the city and the country. Students from all over the world come to Ulyanovsk to study the Russian language (China, Iraq, UK, Germany, Austria, etc.). All students willing to attend full-time programs of UlSTU have a pre-course of the Russian language. Our highly-qualified tutors are specialists in working with foreign students. Since 2014 all students are able to pass exams and get certificates of their language level.

The educational program of Online Russian for Engineers is an intensive special-purpose Russian language course. The program offers classes of Russian language for students and specialists. Engineering fields offered are aviation, IT, power engineering, oil and gas engineering, mechanical engineering. Ulyanovsk State Technical University is a regional leader in teaching Russian language to international students entering Russian universities. A lot of specialists in engineering fields working together with Russian teachers and providing students with skills in technical Russian in UlSTU.

According to the current situation, our courses will be organized online, which is convenient, saving time and money. Students with levels of (A2-B1), of knowledge are invited. University has Zoom official license, lectures and practical classes will be provided with a platform for video and audio conferencing.

The online course is elaborated by highly-qualified and skilled tutors of the Russian as a Foreign Language Department (RFL). Training stuff of the Department has a big experience in teaching international students Russian.

A placement test will be available for applicants before starting. The course is planned with both theory and practice. We find it a great idea to add interaction and entertaining activities to share cultures. Students receive a workbook with study materials and a special kit for entertainment. Class video materials, workbook and other media information will be available for download after the end of the program.

Upon completion students receive a personal certificate of a taken course, indicating the number of academic hours and credit points recommended, via e-mail and post (when requested). Participants of our school have the ability to pass an additional certified exam.

The entertaining part is also provided online (laying games/virtual museums visiting/workshops/ guest speaker/ volunteers online meeting, etc.).


August 16 - September 17, 2021


Students with level of Russian of A2-B1, interested in Russian language, for future career and education in engineering fields (aviation, IT, power engineering, oil and gas engineering, mechanical engineering)

Placement test

Students with upper levels of Russian are required to take a placement test after enrollment in June.

Language of instruction




Participation fee

350 Euro

Deadline for applications

July 31, 2021

Documents required

- Application form (download from the homepage);
- Copy of international/ local passport;
- Motivation letter;
- Certificate of Russian language knowledge (if applicable);
- CV.


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