UAV - myth and reality in the ANSYS system (design and simulation in ANSYS)

Ulyanovsk is said to be the aviation capital of Russia, being a home for the aircraft plant, pilot school and many companies working in aircraft industry.

Ulyanovsk State Technical University (UlSTU) offers educational programs of all high and higher education levels. Institute of Aviation Technologies and Management (IATU) of UlSTU is preparing specialist for aviation construction industry. The Institute is based on the territory of the aircraft plant and is practice-oriented.

Educational program UAV - Myth and Reality in the ANSYS System (design and simulation in ANSYS) includes lectures and practical exercises on the design and computer modeling of elements of modern aircraft structures (rocket, plane, and helicopter). Students learn basic information about the concepts of designing aircraft systems in the ANSYS environment, the construction and modeling of synthesized 2D and 3D graphics, CAD, diagnostics and development of reliability of modern aircraft structures.

Classes are held by highly qualified staff of the Aircraft Construction Faculty of IATU and visiting specialists of the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation. The course also includes practical training in a professional pilot training center, lectures of scientific staff of the Museum of the Civil Aviation History (the biggest museum of civil aviation in Russia) and a visit to Aviastar-SP (an aircraft factory which manufactures the cargo and passenger aircrafts AN-124 Ruslan, IL-476 and TU-204).

Topics covered by the course:

  • Classification of UAVs, drones.
  • Composite materials, aerodynamics of screws (task in the ANSYS system)
  • Airframe design optimization
  • Design of composite structures
  • Modeling the aerodynamic characteristics of hypersonic aircraft in a 3D setting in ANSYS
  • Conducting a simulation of the strength analysis of the developed designs of the center section and the wing consoles of large elongation (with mechanization) of the UAV glider
  • Carrying out temperature conditions of a UAV glider BPP, drones

During the course students have more practical trainings and can put their knowledge into practice by running field tests on laboratory equipment.

Russian language and culture classes are offered as an extracurricular course. They are offered for beginners and advanced (upon request) learners. Teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language Department have been running the classes for more than 8 years. Students receive a certificate of a taken course, indicating the number of academic hours and credit points recommended, as well as study materials of a taken course.

Entertaining part of the program combines sports activities, workshops, cultural museums, city tours, bicycle rides, camping, and many other events.

Participants of the Summer school are accommodated within walking distance from all educational buildings. The university also provides transport for students when arriving in the city.

During the School participants will be accompanied by student tutors and volunteers. It is recommended for students to form groups when arriving in Russia so the university specialist could meet them in Moscow and follow to Ulyanovsk (if applicable).


August 7-22, 2021


Course for undergraduate and graduate students interested in aircraft construction, design and simulation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with basic ICT background

Language of instruction




Participation fee

850 Euro, including: tuition, language classes, accommodation, lunch/day, cultural program (including welcome and farewell dinners), migration support, transfer within the city.

Deadline for applications

May 23, 2021

Documents required

- Application form (download from the homepage);
- Copy of international passport;
- Motivation letter;
- CV.


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